Priceless Legs!

Nice Legs!

It’s very doubtful that there is a beauty who loves wearing skyhigh platform heels more than Linsey. Usually they are the backless, slip-in kind. In almost all of her pictorials and videos, this babe picks this type of shoe. Linsey has known since this babe started undressed modeling that the shape and turn of the leg and foot looks the hottest in her much loved kind of footwear. She likewise loves clear plastic shoes that brandish the entire foot. We have at not time met a adult model who liked this kind of shoe more than Linsey. If she is not wearing skyscraper whore shoes in a photo shoot or in a episode, then it means that somebody else picked her shoes for her that day. And she used to always wear ’em when that babe was a dancer in London and elsewhere. This staircase set is a perfect sample of how Britiain’s top adult model can balance in ’em! Linsey has the almost any good taste in hawt, hot shoes, no question.

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