Natasha Fine, Ashely Pink & Lacey London Natasha Nice, Ashely Pink & Lacey London
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It’s not at all effortless finding a precious housekeeper. Just ask Natasha Worthy. She’s relishing a pool day during the time that her much-older boyfriend is without town. Her 2 housekeepers — Lacey London and Ashley Pink — have finished cleaning the place and wish to be paid. Herein lies the problem: Natasha forgot to run to the bank and grab some money, and it is her pool day. That babe is also talking to a friend on the phone. How in the world is she supposed to avoid all her important stuff just to pay the assist? Cant they can wait til next week? This is sufficient to poke Ashley and Lacey to the brink. Not only are they gonna get paid, they’re gonna abuse "the white bitch" for all this babe is ever done to them! The housekeepers know where everything’s at, right? So it’s a cinch to discover all of Natasha’s darksome dildos and use them on her. Those two "fuck up" the white hotty, turning Natasha into a "cleaner" — Natasha will clean cookie and arse until she’s sending Ashley and Lacey their money with her cell phone, pool side! And they’re not plan to settle for just what they’re owed…they’re turning Natasha into a pay pig!!

Natasha Worthy, Ashely Pink & Lacey London Natasha Nice, Ashely Pink & Lacey London

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