Breasts Of Joy

Mounds Of Joy

Lila Payne fulfills the fantasies of others. What are some of her dreams that she lives out?

“I like to be very dominating. I am a very bossy girl, but I adore to be unrepining sometimes. I love using guys as copulate toys. That’s my much loved thing. I like having males on a collar and leash and making them pursue my instructions about how I like to have my toes sucked and the backs of my legs kissed and the back of my neck kissed. I like giving orders, and I love boyz who are worthwhile at following instructions. I love boyz who love to feel useful. I adore putting people to good use!”

Lots of SCORELAND glamour models tells us they can’t live without a woman chaser to make the 1st move, especially the eastern European gals. A ladies man doesn’t need to approach Lila first.

“I’m a sexually aggressive lady. If I like somebody, they will know it right away. I do not adore to play games with people.”

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