More Bounce To The Ounce With Helen Star

More Bounce To The Ounce With Helen Star

Helen Star was drawn to the bedroom’s mirrored closet door. The builder that placed it there contrary the ottoman thinks love we do. Some of the wondrous breast bouncing act was shot in slow motion.

“The boyz love to see me and Erin bounce our milk shakes,” told Helen, who’s got a dark strap in breast play, as does her sister.

“Both vixens and guys admire us. We cant go anywhere out of getting attention, even when we wear loose sexy outfit.

“They do not talk much, but their facial expressions say what they’re thinking. Some of ’em have looks on their faces love, ‘I cant believe what I’m seeing!’ The babes receive jealous. U can tell by the looks on their faces.”

Helen and Erin are Romanian idols at this point. Now and then, an email or a letter arrives, the writer shocked that there are two gals athletic adore this in the same family, but it is all in the genes so the writer shouldn’t be surprised. The Star sisters have one more sister with larger than standard knockers but no exposed modeling aspirations at this time.

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