Minsk Vagina

Minsk Muff

We’ve a photographer friend who retired in Minsk, Belarus coz his dollar stretches farther and the gals are young, facile and desire to be spoiled. Occasionally, he’ll come with out retirement to send us some photos of the crumpets he’s banging. That is how we got our hands on these photos of Bush Baby Di. “She was lewd about being a western porno star,” he told.

When our anonymous photog friend started courting Di, this chab said that this babe bald her cum-hole. “I convinced her to grow out her pubes. I am already in a relationship with another cutie with a bald slit, and I wanted some multiformity,” he explained. “Of course, that is not what I said Di. I told her that I’ve at no time been a fan of hairless labia. This babe was happy to grow out her pubes to please me.”

By all accounts, Di is cheerful with having her foreign sugar dad photograph her shaggy twat. “I said Di that I was submitting her photos, and this babe said that as long as her family and allies don’t watch ’em, then she’s cheerful with sending them in. This babe doesn’t speak English, so this babe will not be expert to read the pictorial, but we’ll look at the pics together when the magazine comes in the mail.”

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