Minka’s Fashion-Titas!

Minka's Fashion-Titas!

Minka tries on more titty-tops and leaves ’em stretched out, if not all of ’em ripped at the seams. When Minka came to the United States in the early 1990s, her bouncy bosoms were double-D. What was the progression to her current size?

“The 1st time, I set in TWO,300 ccs,” Minka said. “Then they put in double implants. One was saline and one was silicone, 3,500 ccs, and I could not stand up. I had a neck problem, so right away I went to the doctor and I took ’em out, and then a recent thing came out, naive string, and that is what I have now. But that is very enormous, too, so I receive to exercise every morning. Every morning, I do crunches and stretches. I weigh 130 pounds. Previous to I got these meatballs I’ve now. I weighed maybe 90, 95 pounds.”

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