Milly Makes It Subrigid

Milly Makes It Hard

The hawt connection many have waited for since they saw JMac walk into Milly Marks‘ interview with Dave (“Making Her Marks”). JMac picked Milly up and bounced her. She is at not time had sex in that position or in the piledriver position either. “But I’m very open to it,” laughed Milly while that babe was upside-down. And then JMac ambled back into the abode during the time that Milly and Dave continued their interview.

Insanely hawt Milly starts off by sticking her big milk shakes a scarcely any inches from the camera lens and playing with ’em. JMac gives Milly a hand, feeling the softness and the weight. They move into the living room after Milly’s slutty boobies and gazoo display and have epic sex.

The room is filled with her screams as he plunges into her juvenile cum-hole. Milly does acquire picked up and that babe does learn the piledriver position. Milly’s magic takes its effect on JMac leading to a facial and what a glamourous face she has to nut on.

“Guys love to cum on my bosoms, and I like it, also,” Milly said. “I would say my face is second. I don’t know why, but guys like giving me bukkake. That’s a thing. Not a lot of men cum in my wet crack.”

This scene is likewise on the DVD Introducing Milly Marks. Merely a handful of gals are the sole stars of a SCORE DVD. Milly is one of the chosen hardly any.

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