Milk Maid

Milk Maid

Bebe Cooper! Even her name is sexy. Glamorous Bebe has a Voluptuous, hot body and fiery red hair.

“When I go out, I usually wear a T-shirt and jeans,” Bebe told. But here, Bebe’s hourglass shape is accentuated by her tight, short suit.

Bebe unleashes the power of her alabaster-skinned, richly-veined 32H boobies. Those jugs are engorged with milk and Bebe is going to tap them, squeezing her pointy, upright nipps and full whoppers to release the creamy fluids within. The digital camera captures this cream fountain in unbelievable closeup.

Her lactation is shot against a black background so u can watch it more jaw-dropping, and a sheet of glass is also set up for Bebe to aim at. Then Bebe unveils us how that babe can’t live out of to masturbate, using her fingers to rub her clitty and vagina until she cums rock hard with a shudder.

“When I masturbate, I’ve a pair of toys I actually like: a bigger than standard sex toy and a cute little vibe I can use at the same time. They make me feel like I’m going to explode. I too have a great shower massager to wake me up in the morning.”

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