Marina Grey’s first hardcore video

Marina Grey's first hardcore video

Marina Grey has her first on-camera cock in this scene. She’s very relaxed about it, although you can see a little shyness in her reactions. She’s definitely a girl who needs a male to take charge in bed and direct her moves.

Said Marina, “My breasts began to get big when I was 23 years old. A bit late. So now I like to show people what I have. I wear clothes and tops that show everyone my breasts and I enjoy their attention. I think I have a chest fetish.”

Marina tends to giggle and laugh a lot. An interview she did showed her nervously giggling when asked questions about sex. I’ve seen this before. Some girls are fine doing boy-girl but turn shy when asked sex questions.

“I like good sex. I have a lot of fantasies. I’ve never had sex in public, and when I say public, I also mean being photographed having sex like I am now. I like kissing and being licked. My favorite position is doggie because my partner can go in deep.”

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