Liza Biggs at the full-bosomed diner

Liza Biggs at the big busted diner

“I’ve by no means been with a boy that wasn’t into billibongs. That would probably be kind of stiff to discover, too. It would be kind of unyielding to not be a tit smooth operator and wish me.”

Liza Biggs used to be a sous chef.

“Sous chefs are kind of like the middle ladies man between the cooks who just got there and the head chef who yells at you all the time. In my chef coat, I just look chubby cuz it just hangs off my bra buddies, so it just appears love I’ve a really bigger than average stomach. So I just look love a bulky woman who’s angry and the cooks tend to just do what I say when I yell. That works for me.”

I have worked in numerous places as a bartender and I’ve worked with hawt, big boobed waitresses and cooks, but I have not at any time worked with a cutie with a body quite like Liza’s, sous chef or otherwise. I still do not understand why life cheated me in this way.

There aren’t also many fantasies about sous chefs covered by a white coat, but there’re plenty of fantasies about waitresses in tight uniforms with big zeppelins, and Liza has a pair of the almost any priceless natural pointer sisters ever seen anywhere. U desire fries with that?

Liza draws breast-men adore flowers attract bees.

“They’ll desire me to shake my knockers in their face, poke ’em into their face. I get motor boated a lot. I use my bosoms to jerk ’em off, too. That’s something plenty of lads love. I like breast play ‘cuz I’ve really sensitive areolas, so it is a bigger in size than standard thing for me.”

Since one of Liza’s jobs was yelling at underlings, being masterful blends with her personality.

“I’m just really bossy. I want things the way that I desire them, and I am willing to do things for you if you do for me 1st. If I am having sex, I’m kind of aggressive. I’m physical. So I’ll pull a lad towards me, force his fashionable clothes off, give dictates, and if that guy can pursue, I’ll do what this ladies man wants.”

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