Lisa’s Lacey Body Stocking

Lisa's Lacey Body Stocking

SCORE CEO John Fox (at the time, editor-in-chief of Charmer) remembers Lisa Phillips, one of his and John Graham’s high-reaching discoveries. This layout was discharged in December, 1989.

“We noticed the change in September. Our baby was becoming a woman now. Though a little of the tummy remained, her milk sacks were certainly more pendulous and not quite as full as before. Lisa’s face was thinner and longer and more gracious than we had ever imagined.”

The usual person would be more than surprised to make almost certainly of that the goddess in those images was 9teen years old.

Although her physique was changing and slimming down, Lisa’s facial expressions and eye-contact retained their boldness, as if to say to the viewer, “Are u ladies man sufficient?”

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