Scones Ahoy! Part THREE

Boobs Ahoy! Part 3

Chapter THREE is the final segment of SCORE‘s DVD Bosoms Ahoy! Boob Cruise 2000 was the fifth and final tour. Friday, May 5th, 2000 was the last evening of this travel. The following day, everybody disembarked for home or for other ports of call.

The end of anything that’s worthy and pleasurable and gives a boob-man wood is always painted with a coating of sadness. So it’s was with the final Boob Cruise. This journey was more of an experiment since only four seasoned Boob Cruise Beauties returned from previous trips: Linsey McKenzie, Casey James, Minka and Dawn Stone. The rest of the girls were sea-virgins. They were all peculiar in their unparalleled, individual ways.

As for the passengers, this Boob Cruise was a reunion in many ways since so many were repeat guests from many countries including USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and Belgium. There were numerous female passengers too, including future SCORE Goddess Morgan Leigh who was inspired to emulate the honey bunnys this babe partied with.

It was in August of 1994 that the first Boob Cruise set sail from Grenada. It was originally called Boob Camp. That didn’t fit the seafaring nature of this event. Boob Cruise was a more worthy name for that inaugural event which blossomed into five sold-out special editions. There’re hundreds of former passengers with shelves full of great images they took themselves. Some of the studs still keep in touch to today and even visit.

It’s been 14 years since the Cruise reached home port in St. Thomas on May 6, 2000. To today, SCORE acquires correspondence asking when the next Boob Cruise will sail.

“Going into Boob Cruise 2000, I had heard so many superlatives about it but I had some skepticism,” admitted Alyssa Alps who wrote the ship’s log for the magazine and indeed modeled on the last day after declining all week. “‘How could anything be that nice?’ I used to think. Now I know. And I realize that all of the comments I had heard about SCORE‘s Boob Cruise did not do it justice. It actually is the experience of a lifetime.”

Other companies have tried to copy the Boob Cruise and failed, not realizing the heavy challenges it presents. Will it ever sail anew? Windjammer is with out business. The logistics of putting a Cruise together are a few and complex. It takes a full year to plan. Ever the optimist, CEO John Fox says at no time say at no time.

People have suggested that if getting a ship is likewise complicated, then have a Boob Cruise-type week at a resort. But no landlocked convention can enslave the spirit of adventure and freedom. It wouldn’t be the same.

“I have such fond memories of the Cruise,” told Boob Cruiser Brian. “Certainly no other event has made an impact on my life like that of the great Boob Cruises. The best mellons, the almost any good time, the superlatively fine tour ever!”

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