Bet On Lesbian Sex

Lilly and Vana had decided that they were gonna have a sleepover. Lilly was supposed to be getting married tomorrow and her hubby to be was out on his stag night doing what guys will do previous to they acquire married. The more that babe and Vana hung out at Vana’s abode though, the more Lilly started to worry about what her new boyfriend was getting up to on his last night of freedom. As the two angels slipped in to ottoman lastly Vana told Lilly that that babe had the ideal way to assist her unwind and Lilly couldn’t await ‘cuz this babe knew that there was no way she was intend to sleep!

Out of telling her what that babe was doing, Vana slipped under the covers and widen Lillys legs apart. At 1st that babe just worked sluggishly, slipping her finger inside that bawdy cleft and then when this babe heard Lilly’s breath coming faster she moved her lips in. As this babe crammed her lips against that luscious snatch she felt Lilly shove her grab down on Vana’s face and that babe started to ride that tongue like no thing that babe had ever ridden previous to. She couldn’t believe that she had waited so long to be with another mistress!

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