Lil’ Puffy

Lil' Puffy

Kim has no problem showing her snatch.
She was used to seeing exposed angels in the locker room at her all-girl private school. “We all marvelous much looked the same down there, so when a woman chaser first went down on me I was assured. What I was nervous about was my chest.”

Why were you nervous about your chest?
“Because my teats were so unlike all the other girls’. I figured that my pussy was usual because it looked love everybody else’s. But no other gals had nipples that were as puffy as mine. I was worried that if a smooth operator saw them that gent would think they were atypical and he’d be turned off.”

No way, Kim! Puffy nipples are the finest!
“More studs have been telling me that latterly so it makes me feel more killer. But I am still getting used to the idea and can be a little coyness about showing my chest. One lad lately massaged my marangos and licked my nipples for love Thirty minutes ‘coz he liked my puffies so much, so that was reassuring.”

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