Leave It To Cleavage

Leave It To Cleavage

Nadia Villanova not lengthy ago changed her name to August Taylor. Everything else, including her carnal heat, stayed the same. “I can engulf a cock love a champ!” Nadia told.

“Before porn, I was used to lads with six-inches, seven-inches at almost any. And now, after banging those porno star dudes, holy shit! It’s love a different world! It is marvelous marvelous. And I just like it.

Now, in an normal world, seven-inches is a vast number but in the world of porn, with its emphasis on size and fantasy, it’s on the lower scale.

“I have sex every day, sometimes twice a day. I relish sucking jock and then getting fucked hard! My beloved position is being on top. I am mostly passive when I’m with a buck but it too depends on my mood at the time.”

Men tell Nadia that she has dick-sucking lips. “Guys have no filter. I hear that in the grocery store, online, in person a lot. I thank ’em. I like honesty.” Online we get, but in a supermarket?

“Nice tits” is another comment Nadia hears. “Especially if they have a teeny bit of alcohol in ’em.”

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