Kash Bella: Ocean Observe Comes With Bigger in size than standard Bumpers

Kash Bella: Ocean View Comes With Big Boobs

“Honestly, it usually doesn’t matter what kind of top I wear. My love melons always look humongous,” Kash Bella said. “You could put me in a turtleneck sweater and they would still look monumental.

“I acquire plenty of attention. I’ve always said greater than typical funbags are one as well as the other a blessing and a curse but I’ve gotten used to the attention they tend to draw.

“I always wear a brassiere even if it’s just a sports brassiere. It’s usually what I wear almost all of the time. I definitely get to be fitted but I usually can find the closest size to mine on the rack in a store.”

In a swanky room with an ocean view, Kash rocks her love tunnel and deep cleavage with a bulky sex tool, bounces and swings her bigger than average bosoms and shakes her juicy, spankable booty.

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