Kansas Town Bomber

Kansas City Bomber

Carrie Ashton is a cuddly top-stretcher, a sweet-faced Kansas girl-next-door. In this video, after dousing her larger than average, jiggling chest with water, Carrie energetically uses the bed adore it’s a bounce abode.

Peeling off the luscious blouse, Carrie rubs her big, natural bosoms that are capped by pierced nipps. For some reason, there was a bigger than standard vibrator underneath the pillow. Carrie took it and vigorously masturbated with it.

Carrie took to video very nicely and looks at home in front of a digi camera. A ladies man boob gent said Carrie all about SCORELAND and suggested this babe try posing.

“An ex-partner of mine buys lots of your movies and at the end of one there was this commercial to be a SCORE glamour model and he saw it and convinced me to come and model for u boyz. I thought, ‘Hey, I can do that!'”

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