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Ilsa and Jane met a petite in number months ago when they were both shopping at the same store. The two of ’em appeared to be to hit it off well and Ilsa said Jane that this babe was looking for a recent flat mate if she was looking. With that it wasn’t long previous to the babes were living jointly and whilst they the one and the other felt the carnal tension between ’em neither one of them wanted to be the one to make the 1st move. Then one weekend when the 2 of them were looking through a magazine jointly they one as well as the other made a comment on a couple of knickers that a kitten was wearing and that was all it took.

Pretty soon Ilsa had her shirt up around her undergarment buddies and Jane was leaning over to slip that squashy merry tit with out her brassiere. As Jane brushed her tongue softly against that areola she felt her pussy getting damp. This babe had dreamed about this moment for as long as she had known Ilsa and it was so much more awesome than that babe imagined. As that babe sucked that downy pink teat this babe began to pain to taste Ilsa’s sweet hairless clutch as well!

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