I Fantasy Of Genie Lisa Lipps

I Fantasy Of Genie Lisa Lipps

No genie ever had a hotter big busted body, bigger in size love melons and a sexier face than Lisa Lipps.

Lisa had no secrets to her longevity in adult entertainment. Other performers would get into partying, burn out early and disappear. Lisa was always health-conscious and told us her fitness routine one day during a visit to the SCORE building.

“Work out, eat right. It is part of who I have always been, who I’m, and who I’ll always be. Being in porn, you can not be a bulky, unattractive pig and make it. Well, I suppose you could, but, why would you urge to be when you can work out, eat good and keep yourself in shape?

“I do cardio, walking on the treadmill, some weights. But instead of riding a bike at the gym, I’d rather take a bicycle ride for a couple of miles. I’ll walk on the treadmill for an 60 minutes.”

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