How To Pick Up Big-boobed Vixens

How To Pick Up Big-boobed Hotties

Chesty Dulcinea is lost looking for a friend’s address. Phone in hand, the big breasted brunette walks around trying to pinpoint the location. She’s a tourist and doesn’t know where she’s going. Here comes a total stranger to the rescue, except he’s in a car, not riding a horse. Tony checks out her curvy body and makes a move. That skirt chaser suggests to drive her over to her friend’s place. Dulcinea accepts, and once they get there, she invites him in. They spontaneously combust and screw on the living room sofa.

Dulcinea told this babe is gotten hotter since she started on-camera sex.

“It’s love I am constantly sexually excited, adore I was awakened or something after that first pro-fuck. I feel so much more assured in my body, likewise! This industry gets tons of negative attention, but for me I am gratified of my work and I feel so empowered. I am more open-minded and sexually free because of my experiences in front of a camera.”

Tony zooms in on Dulcinea when he sees her walking. Does that usually happen on any given day?

“A lot of men notice me, but very not many ever hit on me…. They receive super-nervous around me, so I am usually the one that has to ask for their number! I like the attention. I mean, it’s kind of flattering that a boy stops mid-bicep curl to stare at me, or my optometrist stutters while she is staring at my cleavage.

“We’re carnal beings, we shouldn’t deny ourselves that. So the reason I relish the attention is I receive to be carnal in response, I get to enjoy my sexuality, and it’s this astonishing energy swap. One of my much loved quotes is, ‘I’m plan to make the world more impressive.’ Add the word ‘sexy’ to it, and u have my life mantra. The almost all nice compliment was when, during my 1st time at SCORE, one of the male talents said me this dude would love to work with me again. I still brag about that!”

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