Sexy Tubbin’

Hot Tubbin'

Breast-men give supplementary props when a Big-Boob cutie sucks her nipples as this babe is masturbating. That is what girl-next-door Lillian Faye does when she goes for a round of hot tubbin’.

Lillian is very thin yet very big boobed for her dimensions and weight. Her tiny body looks fragile until you get to her chest and then…wham! Where did all this sweatermeat come from?

Lillian has a very priceless body for wearing string bikinis. We love girls whose whoppers defy the laws of anatomy and Lillian is one of ’em.

Member TomKB renowned, “Lillian’s clitoris is very small, but her bigger than average snatch curtains are very, very worthwhile! Her great slit is not at all inferior to the ones of Dawn Phoenix, Lily Valentine, and Vanessa. They are great members of my favourite large lips club.”

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