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Tiffany and Missy had been friends for a long time, in fact from the first day of high school when they detected out they were living jointly the cutie pies became inseperable. They were always plan to parties jointly and getting in to bother jointly but until last week they had at not time even dreamed of getting to know each other as more than just allies. You watch the women always took each other on those little picnic outings after lengthy study sessions and taking their exams. It helped them one as well as the other to loosen up but final week when the hotty’s went out jointly they ended up studying a little smth fresh!

As Tiffany kept pouring them each drinks the 2 babes started to receive a little inexperienced and when Missy reached over to receive smth and her titty brushed against Tiffany’s face things type of escalated from there. Tiffany made a comment about how if Missy wanted her nipps sucked this babe should just ask next time…well that was all it took for Missy to say ok then! In advance of they knew it the vixens were mouthing on every others perky pointer sisters and meaty teats and their cookies were getting slick soaked!

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