Hitomi & Natalie

Hitomi & Natalie

A rare collision in a behind-the-scenes video. It doesn’t acquire more uncommon than this. Two boob goddesses meet and learn about each other. And what do they learn? Some of what they learn are sexy words! Hawt words for phat sweethearts.

Hitomi is asked to describe her impression of Mexico. This babe has never been there before. Hitomi’s translator and girlfriend is at her side to translate from English to Japanese and then back anew.

“Hot but gracious,” Hitomi replies. This babe giggles a lot. Always so pleased. What does Hitomi crave to do almost any of all in Mexico. “Eat tacos,” says Hitomi, using a hand gesture to make a point which gets everybody laughing. Hitomi uses the word “taco,” not a Japanese word for it. Apparently there’s none.

And then the Big-Boob super-natural Natalie Fiore comes into the bedroom whilst Hitomi is changing into a hawt tuxedo dress. That babe is asked her impression of Hitomi. Natalie declares that Hitomi is the hottest hotty in SCORELAND of the last scarcely any years. Natalie explains why in her opinion. She’s very impressed by Hitomi.

Natalie walks over to Hitomi. The idea is for Hitomi to train Natalie how to say certain words in Japanese. Words such as “boobs.” “Big Billibongs.” “Sexy.” “Ass.” “Mouth.” “Tongue.”

And then Hitomi translates some slutty English phrases into Japanese.

If solely the United Nations could acquire along like this.

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