H-cup blonde craves cooze cream

H-cup blonde craves cooze cream

Jenna Jayden said about foreplay, “I’m the type of girl who’d rather just start fuckin’! But when there is foreplay, I love my clit gently rubbed and licked and my tits sucked.”

Tony gets to service this strapping blonde and has the tool to fuck her senseless. Jenna lies back so he can tit-fuck her. His cock gets lost in her hills but finds its way to her pussy hole.

“Straight-up fucking is what I like. And a lil’ pussy-licking never hurts either,” Jenna said in the dressing room while preparing for this sex date.

“I don’t date much. I find it sorta awkward and boring. A casual walk and grabbing dinner is more my style. It’s hard to say how often I have sex. It depends. Dry spells can be months, then that can change to every day or every other day. I do masturbate, and my Hitachi vibrator and baby oil are my pussy’s two best friends.”

Jenna never did porn before SCORE. She’s a stripper who’s originally from Ohio. After SCORE, she signed up for a while with Dennis Hof’s legal bordellos in Nevada.

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