Worthwhile Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping

So you’re getting dressed in your hotel room and about to leave when Victoria Lane enters to clean the mess you have made the night before. What would you do?

A TSG editor would tell Victoria that he thinks she’d be a great model for his big busted magazines and websites. He would encourage her to stroke that unbecoming uniform and let him investigate her extremely Voluptuous and palatable body.

“Why are you wasting your time in this dead-end job cleaning up other people’s shit?” he’d ask her. “With your greater than run of the mill bra buddies, hot body and nice-looking face, you should be glamour modeling in our studio.”

Victoria seems interested, judging by the way that babe is already removing her maid’s outfit. Then you hit her with: “Why not contact us at BeASCOREModel.com? We know a lot of fellows, and some gals, who would adore to watch your pictures!” And guess what? That babe indeed takes you up on your suggest. Sometimes the magic works.

This is not exactly what happened with Victoria but we’re willing if someone who looks like her cleans our hotel rooms. Which is probably at no time going to happen.

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