Georgina Gee Chats With Jem Stone

Georgina Gee Chats With Jem Stone

In this unequalled bonus movie, Georgina Gee is interviewed by some other cutie, a specific guest herself. Jem Stone is a full-bosomed British SCORE Goddess who modeled and did hardcore (Busty Rod Rock) in 2007. A looker herself, Jem sports a very excellent pair too and a curvacious couple of legs. After their chat, Georgina tries on different bras and Jem has fun helping out. She can not resist feeling Georgina’s titties and bum. When the undergarment display ends, Jem takes her greater than run of the mill titties out and gives Georgina a boobie hug. Thank you, Georgina and Jem for this special interview.

XL Girls: Do u masturbate?

Georgina: I masturbate all the time, even when I was young. Maybe three times a day. And now I’ve my own fucking machine, so I can have sex whenever I urge, even if there’s no lad around. I love it!

XL Girls: Do u have any fetishes?

Georgina: The only fetish I have is cum denial where u make a lad await and expect previous to he cums. I like that, and when the smooth operator does cum, it is always a titanic load.

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