Enjoyment In The Sun For Annabelle Rogers

Fun In The Sun For Annabelle Rogers

When in South Florida, there is gotta be time for some sun and pool play. But not too much sun for the more fair-skinned girls love Annabelle Rogers. Annabelle dances in her bikini and shakes ’em up, some of the big tits-a-bouncing motion in unbelievable slo-mo. Then it’s off to float away. Annabelle unveils how that babe can balance on a float and finger her pussy at the same time. She’s a natural buxom mermaid with sun-kissed love melons!

Let’s review what we’ve got in just the 1st part of this scene. Bikini overflow. Lap dancing. Boob shaking, bouncing and swinging. Teat self-sucking. Slow motion.

“I love to display off my body,” told Annabelle. That natural joy and exhibitionism is picked up by the camera.

“It feels natural to be naked. I don’t feel adore I get to hide my body in the corner. I was always beautiful assertive growing up. I am nice-looking glad with my bra-busters. They’re bigger in size than typical and manageable. I suppose the only downside is finding bras that fit, but I have been trying to discover tops where I don’t have to wear bras, love constricted tank tops instead of bras.”

Annabelle was brawny growing up.

“I was on the dance team. I danced throughout my younger years, and I was on the kick line, likewise. My love muffins did not receive in the way. I put 2 sports bras on so they were glamorous strapped in. Anew, I managed it. By no means got a darksome eye or anything.

“I’ve always been talented to manage my mangos. And I did gymnastics for a year, but it was not my thing. I’ve the flexibility down, though. Moreso when I was younger, but I’m still pretty pliant. I can put my legs pretty far back. Not behind my head but beautiful far back.”

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