Professional Bra Testing By Micky Bells

Expert Undergarment Testing By Micky Bells

One of the breast-man’s great pleasures in life is to look at a chesty beauty put on and take off her undergarment. The magnificent Micky Bells does this hooter harnessing with sexy style in this scene.

Micky shakes and jiggles her bra-supported mangos, testing each one and announcing her verdict. One maternity beneath garment for breast-feeding looks also tiny but Micky says it’s alright, unhooking one cup and pulling it down. That babe sucks and pulls on her nipples, which instantly engorge.

In advance of trying on more bras of different styles, Micky brandishes her specific talent in self-sucking, tugging and nipp tweaking. Micky holds every pliable breast in her face hole hands-free, her meaty suction holding them in place. All that nipp stimulation gets Micky caressing and fingering her bawdy cleft so she can cum loudly.

“During my gestation and now, I sleep with a bra on,” Micky said. “It’s easier to move around. I do not know how much they weigh now. But they are heavy. I buy my bras online at Bravissimo, Brastop or an online store in the Czechia. I not ever attempted getting fitted but that would be worthy.”

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