Everyone In The Pool!

Everybody In The Pool!

You crave me to do what? Karina asked in mock horror when we handed her a skimmer and asked her to clean the pool. But Karina got the idea with out us telling her: The idea, certainly, was for Karina to fall into the pool and acquire damp. Very moist. Because moist scones look worthwhile. And, when Karina jumps into the pool, we see her mellons defying gravity and somehow managing to stay inside her top. That wasn’t supposed to happen, but the fact that it did was a very favourable accident. This posting too gives us the chance to check out one of our much loved fantasies: big-boobed fascinating heart nude and spreading by the pool. Why does the pool matter? Coz how many times have you sat by a public pool on a sexy day and fantasized about a full-bosomed chick doing just that? Tons of times, right? Well, as usual, Karina makes our fantasies come true. That’s one of the things we adore about her. In all, there’re about a million.

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