Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami

Dr. Taylor & Mr. Hyde-The-Salami

Chavon Taylor is a sexy, big-chested scientist researching bio-erotic drugs. Who else would be qualified for this kind of work but a Big-Boob thang with a major rack and a lust for the big banana? They call such researchers “boobologists.”

Chavon has invented a formula that makes fellows sexually excited one time they gulp it. Dr. Taylor decides to test it on the simpleton delivery dude who not at all pays any attention to her or her world-class jugs. (There is a name for these boys.)

He gulps down the stuff and gets a stiffy for Chavon just now. The chemical appears to be to work on Chavon also cuz that babe acquires to mouthing on his meat-thermometer love she hasn’t had any in years. That babe is a great shlong sucker. It is a valuable thing they did not wreck any lab equipment cuz the act gets wild. Science marches on. More valuable living through chemistry.

After she is pounded, Chavon jerks him off on her greater than run of the mill mammaries. She developed large mangos when that babe was juvenile and recognizes the power her boobage has at any place and any time.

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