Do U Crave to Play Doctor With Us?

Do U Wanna Play Doctor With Us?

Do u remember playing doctor when you were juvenile? As an inquisitive youngster I often detected myself being the patient, and almost all times the doctor. As a child, I knew about where babies came from and all the “wherefores” of sex. My grandparents lived on a farm and I had seen many an brute breeding. My own pet dogs were also precious sex education tools. Little did I know that as I grew up, I would have the earth shattering orgasms I now experience. But, I am digressing…What I started to say is that I loved playing doctor as a youngster. When, Rebecca, a youthful girl glamour model was in the studio the same day as I was scheduled, she and I were fooling around in our doctor’s office set and lo and behold the photographers thought this was a great idea for a large boob, little boob set. I know that Rebecca was very nervous being around me, and when they suggested our girl-on-girl scenario, her eyes went wide, and her eyes shot immediately to my boobies. Since I was about 10 times bigger in size than her, I could feel her anxieties and insecurities. As we went through the different scenes we would be enacting, that babe was visibly nervous. I took her aside and let her know that I’d guide her through the entire scene. I’m a very calming influence with people. We sitting and talked with chilled glasses of wine and in advance of the bottle was half finished I could tell that anything was going to be all right. As I caressed her tight back muscles, I could tell that that babe was interested in performing with me. Her fingers lingered over my body a little longer than necessary. Her breathing was coming faster than ordinary. Like was definitely in the air! As a bigger than run of the mill bust adult model, I do not acquire to interact with women with small tight mammaries. I had not realized how firm and perky her mellons were. Simply luscious! I loved the feel of them! They fit so nicely in my hands. I remembered that I was larger at age 10 than this pleasant Rebecca. It appeared to be that my whoppers equally fascinated her too. Even when the cameras avoided shooting, that babe was stroking and wanted to nuzzle with me. The first time I put my face hole on her nether lips, her clit was already throbbing. This babe was bewitching! Rebecca had by no means made love to a lady and was anxious that this babe wouldn’t do well. I told her to do everything that that babe would urge anybody to do to her. Obviously this babe understood perfectly! This babe was good…gentle, coarse, demanding and ever so creative. Here, I thought that I was going to be the teacher and my young charge was taking me to fresh highs. That babe deserves a definite A++. After the discharge in the studio, she and I went back into the dressing room to practice our doctor moves…and experiment on a teacher/student layout…but, then, that is another photo discharge. Ciao!

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