Deena Duos: Deena-mite

Deena Duos: Deena-mite

This photo-shoot was the 1st to showcase Deena Duos‘ super-giant breasts and was published in the July ’93 issue of SCORE. A separate cover discharged was produced for this edition, photographed on medium-format film. The glamour photoshoot itself was discharged on the smaller 35mm transparencies of the time. The layout was titled “Deena-Mite!” That word was borrowed from a reader in Arizona who used it in a letter about her November 1992 SCORE appearance when this babe was considerably less full-bosomed.

SCORE staffers “rediscovered” Deena exotic dancing at Cabaret Showgirls in Montreal, Canada and offered her a modeling assignment in London with John Graham.

Despite her looks and insanely full-bosomed torso (and nicely trimmed love tunnel), 5’3″ Deena described herself as boring. “I’m a homebody,” said Deena, a Brooklyn, New York gal who’d moved to Boca Raton, Florida and was working as a nurse’s aide in a senior citizens’ nursing home when she decided to chuck that job and become a lap dancer and mag glamour model.

“Most people think that exotic dancers are wild and eager. On-stage, I guess we need to be. When I’m not dancing, I am a couch potato. Microwave popcorn, Pizza Hut home delivery, even a precious basketball or football game.”

Deena’s candor probably didn’t shatter the illusions of the browsers of those years. The visual fotos of spending part of the evening watching TV with Deena and sharing a tub of popcorn sounded love fun, and the rest of the night banging her breasts, cunt and throat would be the flawless way to end the night.

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