Brittany Love makes Deanna Baldwin cum

Brittany Like makes Deanna Baldwin cum

The backstory behind this scene is that Deanna Baldwin had at not time cum on screen and didn’t think there was any way Brittany Adore could make her.

“None whatsoever,” told Deanna, who sailed on Boob Cruise ’98. “I’d be way likewise nervous.”

But Deanna didn’t realize this babe was in the hands of a pussy-eating expert: Georgia playgirl Brittany Like, who had a way with men and hotty’s.

“She’s good,” Deanna said after Brittany did, really, make her cum. “I still can’t make almost certainly of she made me cum. I not at any time thought it would happen. It surprised me because Brittany is very quiet, priceless and basically a perfect, proper Southern mastix when you receive to know her. But in bed, all that changes. She’s a wildcat. Passionate, likewise. I know she can’t live out of chaps, and I do, also, but I swear, I would do her any place, anytime, anywhere.”

The second backstory behind this scene is that Brittany and Deanna came to the studio in 2000 for individual photo discharges, but when they met, they asked to do a Bosom Buddies movie. We easily arranged that, and Brittany easily made Deanna cum.

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