Dally With Allie

Dally With Allie

For some, Allie Pearson is habit-forming. One time they watch her, they’re hooked. The XL Gals workers has no cure for this, no antidote. We ourselves are addicted to that nice-looking face, that winning smile, that smokin’ hot body and larger than standard milk sacks. “What should I do with my funbags today?” Allie asks. That look in her eyes and her girly-girl voice alone produce erectile rigidity.

XLGirls: You’re so valuable!

Allie: I am wonderful. I’m a honey bunny.

XLGirls: Tell us in what ways you’re a fascinating heart.

Allie: I am just a very caring person. I love people. I always give people the benefit of the doubt. I do not have tons of trust issues, so I automatically try to find the good in people vs. judging ’em. I don’t do that.

XLGirls: So the lads who walk up to u and stick their heads in your deep cleavage, the valuable in them is…

Allie: They’re probably actually precious when they’re sober, but they’ve had a little bit also much to swallow!

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