Creamy & Moist

Creamy & Juicy

“I adore to be romantic, amicable, extroverted and active,” Ann Calis told in an interview. “I adore to do adventurous, fun things with friends, voyage, listen to music and explore nature.”

Ann lives in France. No babes that babe sees have bazookas her size and shape.

“My ideal day is when u give me a rubdown, when we tour, shop and do joy things jointly. I always adore to look my foremost with admirable makeup and hair and wear hawt dresses and lingerie.

“Ann Calis’ fresh look is truly gripping,” wrote J.T. in XL Cuties mag. “I loved her previous to, when she was in Shapely, and now she’s plumped up in all the right places to become a consummate XL Goddess. Amazing. Ann is a plumper cutie queen.”

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