Country Girl

Country Girl

Anna Kay said men don’t approach her. That shocked us.

“They actually don’t hit on me,” Anna explained. “Men are usually intimidated by me. I guess it is ‘coz I am tall and built this way, they’re afraid to approach me. When I lived in Atlanta, I would get hit on by plenty of darksome guys but not actually anytime else. Lads are intimidated.”

But Anna said there are exceptions.

“I think that fellows in uniform are not intimidated by me at all. In fact, when I am with a dude in uniform, I feel like they can protect me. I feel safe. But at the same time, cuz they come off as so meaty, I feel adore I can be free during sex and be truly, actually bawdy and acquire wild, too.”

What about females? How do they react to Anna?

“Girls are either jealous or they desire to grope me. They always ask if they can feel my tits. They ask to touch ’em and watch if they are real or how much they weigh. When I go to a lap dancing club, the dancers love my mounds. Sometimes they give me a dance and just bury their faces in my fun bags and try and motorboat me. They tell me that my meatballs are just so bigger than typical and nice-looking that they can not aid themselves. I suppose it is a matter of joke.”

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