Colt 45 and her twin cannons

Colt Fourty five and her twin cannons

Colt Fourty five didn’t do much movie scene glamour modeling, mostly still sets. Dancers like Colt used their magazine appearances as promotional tools and for the credits for marquee billing. It was very helpful in the 1990s for a dancer to have mag credits that added cache to their names.

Off-camera, her hobby was fishing, believe it or not. One more hobby that became an occupation after her dancing ended was renovating houses and she’s priceless at it.

Colt tended to be on the quiet side. Unless she was drinking.

“Staci Staxxx’s roadie was homo, and she used to ask me, ‘Colt, why do you only love honeys when you’re drunk?’ I’ve no idea why, but I do. When I receive drunk, I flirt with hotties all the time. And, I am not homo at all. It is weird.”

Despite her dream sex-symbol look, Colt was not a diva.

“I’m not much of a dancer. I am more of an entertainer. I don’t put on a bigger in size than run of the mill, nice-looking brandish. I do more of a personal display. I always ask the boys, ‘Do u want me to paint myself or do u wish my titties around your face?'”

Colt doing hardcore with a chap? At no time happened. She did one softcore pictorial that was no thing to write home about. But she did talk about sex.

“I adore giving head…blowjobs. That would be the most astounding part of it. I’d rather give head than have sex. That’s how I acquire turned on.”

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