Codi Vore Is Coming Clean

Codi Vore Is Coming Clean

“You lads wanna view me acquire my milk cans admirable and succulent?” Codi Vore asks as that babe steps into the shower fully clothed.

Uhhh…Yeah! Please go ahead, Codi. We have experience as towel boys.

Codi soaks her white, Marilyn Monroe-style suit. It turns translucent, sticking to her ravishing skin. This babe peels it off and stays that way.

“I usually get valuable attention, but sometimes I can acquire typecast as being slutty or dumber,” said Codi. “I like to stop that. I don’t know where people get the idea that big-boobed angels aren’t smarter than other angels. In centre school, that was what people knew me as, the big-boobed gal, and I’ve always endevoured to keep that from happening some other time.

“I’m a lot more than my marangos, but some people have a subrigid time looking past ’em. While I guess my mangos are magnificant and I’ve no trouble showing them, I find that I’m more respected when they aren’t on expose. But they can be unyielding to hide, and I am not intend to purposely wear hawt clothing that cover them up. That doesn’t look worthy.”

And the finest part of being a nice-looking angel?

“I am generally always seen as innocent and trustworthy. It’s easier to get jobs, gain sympathy, and make allies. The topmost part, however, is using these privileges in instruct to try recent things and aid other people.”

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