Codi cums clean

Codi cums clean

“I’m a lot more than my boobs, but some people have a hard time looking past them,” Codi said. “While I think my tits are awesome and I have no trouble showing them off, I find that I am more respected when they aren’t on display. But they can be hard to hide, and I’m not going to purposely wear clothes that cover them up. That doesn’t look good.”

When this scene opens, Codi is wearing clothes. She’s wearing a dress, and it doesn’t cover her tits at all. There’s a lot of front and side cleavage going on. When she gets into a shower, she doesn’t take off her dress.

“You guys wanna watch me get my tits nice and wet?” Codi asks as she steps into the shower fully dressed.

Damn right we do.

Codi soaks her white, Marilyn Monroe-style dress so we can see her tits right through it. She jiggles her tits through the dress then, finally, she takes if off, and when she takes it off, she gets to pleasuring herself with the shower head.

“I usually get good attention, but sometimes I can get typecast as being slutty or dumb,” Codi said. “I like to avoid that. I don’t know where people get the idea that big-boobed girls aren’t smarter than other girls. In middle school, that was what people knew me as, the big-boobed girl, and I’ve always tried to keep that from happening again.”

Hmm…coming here probably wasn’t the best way to do that.

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