Case Of The Disappearing Below garment

Case Of The Disappearing Bra

Autumn is measured (happily) by SCORE Editor Dave Rosen. The fun was all his. And so is this week’s photo-shoot that had us drooling like starving dogs.

AUTUMN: I am so top-heavy that sometimes I’ll nearly topple over.
SCORE: Do u ever wear bras that strap in the front?
AUTUMN: No. They do not support my fullsome funbags too well.
SCORE: Do you have a hard time finding bras? AUTUMN: Yes, I do. Very unyielding.
SCORE: So where do u find ’em?
AUTUMN: Victoria’s Secret. And almost all of the time they do not have knickers that match. And the ones that fit look like granny bras.
SCORE: The undergarment you’re wearing right now, what size is it?
AUTUMN: I guess it is a 36DDD.
SCORE: But you are not a 36DDD anymore, are u?
AUTUMN: I am not sure.
SCORE: Let’s investigate what your measurements are. Ok, we’re gonna begin by measuring your hips. And they’re 36. Now the waist. And you are 28 around the waist.
AUTUMN: Now, the main event.
SCORE: Yes, on to the main event. We’re about to measure Autumn’s bra-busters. Here we go. Oh, my goodness! You’re Fourty one around the chest. There it’s. Proof of Autumn-Jade‘s outstanding chest. Very glamourous. 41-28-36!

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