The Like Connection

The Adore Connection

Georgia peach Brittany Love, a very hawt lap dancer (and winner of many rewards including Large Bust Entertainer of the Year 2003 at the Gogo dancer Expo), was SCORE‘s go-to beauty for pussy-to-pussy and nipple-to-nipple action. She’s group-fucked Haley Hills, Dawn Stone, Deanna Baldwin and, in this clip from The Superlatively fine of Bosom Buddies, ditzy golden-haired Mary Carey. She sailed on the last Boob Cruise in 2000 (the DVD Fun bags Ahoy!). Retired from adult entertainment and living the nine-to-five civilian life, Brittany had a great career and SCORE readers continue to mail letters about her.

Mary Carey is still in the adult sector today, stripping and hosting an internet radio expose. This babe one time attempted to run for governor of California prompting Jay Leno to joke that she had “the merely gap in the ballot that’s already been punched.” Mary may be a ditz but she knows how to get media attention. She one time flunked an IQ test on the Howard Stern radio flaunt and cleaned his WC with her lengthy blonde hair. But this babe did not flunk any sex tests including this one with Brittany!

This was a classic SCORE girl-on-girl with a lot of long-dildo and strap-on screwing.

Said Mary:

“I love girl-girl, ‘coz it gives me smth to fantasize about, you know? With a strap-on, I have to imagine it being my schlong. Some cuties just have normal slit lips, but I’ve those big outer lips that cover ’em, so it’s like these secret little vagina lips inside. And it is so much fun ’cause I at no time used to know that these were different. I’ve observed so many love tunnels now, I have become a wet crack specialist.

“I love a girl’s tongue right on my clitoris. I do not love it likewise much when the tongue goes inside, u know. Just my clit. And indeed spit on it. I like spit on my vagina. Cuties take up with the tongue slit better. I do not really adore when lads go down on me. I just love ’em to copulate me, ’cause boyz have whiskers sometimes, and they do not feel as squashy as a girl. Girls just feel squishy. Girls’ faces are so good.”

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