Bring That Ass Over Here

Bring That Butt Over Here

“I’m a humongous pervert, just painfully coy,” told XL Cutie Violet Addams.

Violet is one of the rare models we know who worked in an adult shop. Solely a handful of beauties we know have been adults store staff, such as Marilyn White and Allysa Andrews.

“I worked in a store that has tons of movie booths,” Violet tells us. “I sold TSG magazines, also, so I got to check them all out when they shipped in; 18eighteen, XL Gals, of course, and all of the others. Many of my customers were very precious and some of ’em were even astonishing.”

If more stores hired more eye-candy love Violet, they’d probably jack their sales up, so to speak. Violet is a pastry chef back home in Providence.

“In my chef studies, I have enjoyment experimenting with pastries by adding alcohol to the ingredient list.” Violet sounds more love a pastry artist to us.

Observe as Violet gives this chap a creamy tart (her taut wazoo and two mammoth cupcakes) that knocked him out for the rest of the afternoon.

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