Brazen Vixen

Brazen Babe

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Simone:

“Well, I’m a masturbating junkie. I do it a lot, and sometimes it even makes me late for work! I work in a grocery store, by the way. Usually I’ll do it at home previous to I initiate getting ready for work. But I have been known to rub one out in the car just minutes in advance of I clock in. Sometimes you just have to receive one in. If I don’t, I’ll just be so distracted, and I won’t be a good employee at all. Masturbating keeps me focused.”

Do u diddle yourself at work?

“Yes, I have. In the baths a few times. Or on my 15 minute break I’ll go out to my car and make myself cum. I’ll put on the radio, put up my sun shade, recline the seat, put my legs up on the dashboard and finger myself. If it’s a busy day, then masturbating during my break is a get to. It is a great stress reliever, and after I cum no bitchy customer can ruin my mood.”

Have u ever banged a boy at work?

“I knew you were plan to ask me that! I have drilled at work in advance of. It was with the security guard in the monitor room. That happened on a day that I did not masturbate. Watch what happens if I do not acquire one in? I start misbehaving. It happened ‘coz one of the bag lads said me that the security guard thought I was hot and had jerked off whilst watching me on the monitors. I hadn’t cum all day so I was super lascivious, and hearing that some boy was jerking his rod in a black corner while watching me do regular things indeed turned me on. So I went to the monitor room and hit on him. In about five minutes I was on top of him and we were making out. I poked his hands down my trousers and I was so juicy.”

Wow! That is flirty!

“It was, but that’s part of why it was so hot! We would’ve gotten in so much trouble if anybody sauntered in and caught us. My arse was on a desk and this woman chaser was completely pounding me. And when this dude came, he pulled out and discharged all over my chest. Some of it even got on my uniform. For the rest of my shift it was a wonderful, little reminder that I got truly precious cock on the clock.”

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