Funbags Lottery Winner

Boobs Lottery Winner

“Like all babes, I have posed for many fotos with friends and boyfriends, but taking off my brassiere for pics and movies that many people will watch was smth I not at any time thought about until lately,” told Eva Berg, a quiet brunette hair who dressed for her discharges adore the down-to-earth, woman-next-door this babe is, the woman-next-door with 85JJ-cup billibongs, that’s.

“I went on the internet and went into That’s how it happened. One day I decided to detect out glamour modeling, so I looked around at all the different companies hiring chicks like me. I was cautious cuz I was concerned about who I’d be involved with.

“After I sent The SCORE Group some pix, I heard from ’em just now. I was very impressed. When I told I only wanted to be topless because everything more would make me uncomfortable, they were priceless and assented I could pose to my comfort level. I will see what the future brings after this.”

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