Bra-busters & Bush Buffet

Boobs & Bush Buffet

Steve and Max have had dinner prepared by Mischel Lee and they’re the one and the other contented with the meal. Mischel returns to the table with pastries that she’s made with her own pleasing little hands. Now Steve is hungry for Mischel and her crazy-hot body, greater than run of the mill boobies, thick bush and fuck-me face. The generous type, Steve is the share and share alike kind of boy. Meals, wine and honey bunnys.

Steve has Mischel walk in front of the table so he can feast his eyes on her, feel her up and strip her down to her knickers and pumps. He puts some dessert ball cream on every nipple so this chab and Max can lick it off. Steve has Mischel smack some of her dessert by feeding it to her.

They place Mischel on the table like a centerpiece and plop more of the creamy dessert on her areolas and nipps and lick her clean. Mischel receives off the table to kneel and blow them to rock-hardness, which doesn’t take lengthy with her professional lips and tongue.

As the after-dinner ravisher, Mischel receives drilled, licked, tit-banged and throated by Steve and Max on the table, off the table and on the floor. Mischel was not the appetizer, the side command or the leftovers. She was the full main course.

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