Boobalicious & Bootylicious Korina Kova

Boobalicious & Bootylicious Korina Kova

Korina Kova is one of the almost all boobalicious and bootylicious girls to ever appear at SCORELAND. This episode includes trance-inducing slow motion breast and butt act of alluring Korina. Just follow the bouncing bouncy bosoms and buttocks. Korina ices her pert areolas also.

“Masturbation is so much enjoyment for me. How can u not adore your life if you are making yourself feel this precious? And letting yourself acquire into all of those different dreams. So my favourite thing is little vibrating toys, on my clit. I love to edge. I expect for the point where I just cant take anymore and then I’ll just back off to make the experience last as long as possible.”

“I can at no time buy bras off the rack,” told Korina. “When I enter a store to buy one, it’s always likewise slight, so I always buy them online. I’ve been fitted, so I know my size and I can just instruct them.”

Breasty prejudice is a topic that’s been discussed with the cuties for years. Everyone has their own story and it usually starts at an early age. Korina has her experiences that eventually resulted in a cheerful ending.

“My teacher pulled me aside in grade six, so very young, and said me I had to commence wearing a bra. I was the first one to have to wear a underneath garment, and that was devastating for me coz I always got tanalised. (Grade six in Canada is 12 years mature.)

“When I was in college, I was bullied for having greater than standard pointer sisters so I learned to kinda hide ’em when I went out until I entered a moist T-shirt contest and learned that they were so much joy to have. I’m not ashamed of those. The reason I got detest was ‘cuz of boob jealousy.”

Now Korina is busting out with the glow of self-confidence. That babe is come a lengthy way.

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