Boob Fantasies

Boob Dreams

Maya Milano‘s the kind of dream angel with a shapely dream body that the great artists of the past would have loved to paint and sculpt. She has a classic Rubenesque body and a gracious face.

Maya has a pierced tongue, the typical ball, but you’d be hard crammed to spot any tats on her lovely skin. She hasn’t succumbed to the tat fad like so many angels this day.

Fans of gals who spend a lot of time kneading and caressing their larger than typical, downy breasts will get an supplementary kick from this scene. Maya devotes plenty of attention to her natural marvels.

Maya reminds one TSG editor of another V-Girl who had a great impact when this babe began modeling: Arianna Sinn. They the one and the other have that eastern-European style and look that the digi camera can’t live with out.

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