This is a 1992 glamour photoshoot of Lacey Legends, stripper and bodybuilder. Lacey was already in her Fourty’s and was the only bodybuilding glamour model in the big-bust magazines of these years. She continued to glamour model well into her Fifty’s. Chalk that up to her healthy lifestyle.

Lacey was known for her tan-lines, and while that babe had no interest in hardcore discharges with male porn performers, she was cheerful to glamour model in girl-girls with other busty hotty’s. She also was into boxing and wrestling other breasty stars. Cuz this babe was a weightlifter, photographers often set her up wearing fitness outfits in gym settings, sometimes oiled-up.

Lacey was still dancing and glamour modeling during the early ’00s. That babe was a lap dancer five nights a week at the celebrated Olympic Garden in Las Vegas and usually attended all the adult fan expos.

During these years, SCORE had an occasional feature called “At Home With.” A SCORE photographer would take photos of a popular adult model in her own home doing archetypal things like dangling out at her pool or doing the dishes. This was not an facile project as majority dancers most like privacy. However, Lacey was game so she was the subject of this photo feature in the April 2000 issue. Today, Lacey is totally retired.

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