Billi Bardot: Tight, Tighter, Tightest

Billi Bardot: Taut, Tighter, Tightest

Carolina sexbomb Billi Bardot‘s brought some of her favorite taut tops and dresses to slip into and unveil off her traffic-stopping, super-busty (41-26-38) silhouette. When the unveil of her eye-popping figure ends, undressed Billi gives herself unfathomable finger.

“I am a small-town country and city gal,” Billi said about her lifestyle. “I’m a large mess of contradictions. I still enjoy the small-town country stuff. I adore dirt-bike riding, four-wheeling, hunting. I love the feel of a tiny town, but I love big cities. I suppose I kind of converted to a city beauty. I prefer filth bikes, but I like four-wheeling. I usually require a shower when I am done. Tons of mud. I acquire slimy on-purpose. It’s fun.”

Billi is high-energy, highly-sexed and a female with many interests who knows what she wants.

“I have pleasure reading and learning fresh things. I like to cook. I hike and go whitewater rafting. I relish amusement parks and horseback riding. I can sew, crochet and paint. I adore remodeling homes. I totally love traveling!”

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