Bathing suit Glam Girl

Bikini Glam Girl

A handsome girl–mostly naked–on the terrace of a hillside house yards away from a pristine beach on a tropical island. She is fondelling her pink pussy with her delicate fingers as the sea breeze blows through her brown hair.

Her hands squeeze and rub the smooth, downy skin of her large mammaries. That babe can do as she pleases. No one cares. On this serene Caribbean island paradise, scantily clad, almost naked hotty’s are everywhere. No one complains. There’re no moralistic snobs pointing fingers at them, no snoopy neighbors complaining to town hall. People are in harmony with nature and the looker of the lady body.

It is in this kind of setting that SCORE prefers to bring its glamour models. And this is the kind of setting that SCORE has been known for the past twenty-five years. It’s in this tropical green and blue paradise kissed by the sun that curvaceous gals like Lana Ivans can express their raunchy natures to the fullest and unveil their superhuman bodies with out guilt, shame or fear.

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